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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Pitfalls 101

"White hat SEO" follows search engine rules. "Grey hat" methods may be penalised; "black hat" quick-fixes will get your site penalised or even banned. Sadly, many "SEO specialists" use black hat methods (like buying links), then disappear when the penalties appear.

No-one can guarantee top-10 Google ranking. We all aim for that, but you can't just buy it; ongoing competition requires continuous work.

Keywoard research is vital. Good rankings only help if they are for terms people search for.

Buying traffic, "likes" or followers wastes resources — fake visitors won't buy from you. You need real visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Websites are marketing vehicles — they need fuel to get you anywhere. Visitors are the fuel; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides them.

Finding safe SEO services is a minefield, but experienced web designers know a lot about this. We may need to engage outside help for the most time-consuming bits, but our recommendations are far safer than trusting cold-callers. Unlike them, your web designer has a vested interest in your success.

I offer SEO services to suit all budgets.

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A FREE Basic Keyword Research Tool

This FREE SEO Keyword Research tool saves hours of work by checking your Google search rankings for lots of keywords in one go. It also predicts how achievable first-page results may be with my SEO Campaign packages (see below).

Advanced SEO Reports

A package of essential SEO reports, delivered as weekly PDFs and instant-access web reports. These let you:

  • Learn how to improve your ranking for a specific page and keyword;
  • See how your top competitors are getting good search rankings;
  • Monitor your search rankings across all the main search engines;
  • Track the number and quality of your site's backlinks (a key SEO factor);
  • Check your website for errors that could affect its performance;

...all for just £59.99/month.

Content Marketing

Great content attracts visitors, backlinks and social media followers, helping to position you as a leader in your field. That's the basis of "content marketing," and why most commercial sites now include a blog. Websites that blog regularly tend to earn twice as many backlinks (boosting their search rankings) and twice as many sales leads, too.

The catch is that blogging takes time — and not everyone is a confident wordsmith. I can provide a monthly blog post (700-1000 words and a relevant image) from just £150/month (or £135/month for a six-month run). If you haven't got a blog on your site yet, I can add one for just £300.

SEO Campaigns

Realistic SEO campaigns take a lot of work, spanning six months or more. They include changing various "on-page" factors (like how target keywords are used) and building backlinks to the page. That often involves writing articles and submitting them to other websites — and both the articles and sites must be checked for quality and relevance.

It's hard to beat competitors who do this — especially if they have been doing it for a long time. Get started before yours do!

I can offer SEO campaigns for just £250/month for the first page optimised and £150/month per extra page.

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