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Social Media Marketing

Social media matters. Your customers use it. Chances are your competitors do, too. If they don't, this is your chance to seize the advantage. If they do, it's time to catch up!

Social media provides unlimited press releases, lets you manage your word-of-mouth advertising by engaging with customers, enables business networking and can even boost your search engine rankings. It's no mere fad — businesses have always relied on these channels. Taking them online has just turned them into even more powerful business tools.

The catch is that social media marketing takes time. You need to build an audience by positioning yourself as a friendly, reliable and interesting brand to follow. That means talking around your topic — it's social media, not sales-pitch media.

Ideally, you'd write articles on your site and share them to increase traffic — but that takes even longer. Check out my Content Marketing services for help with that.

In the meantime, how about a system that helps you to quickly find articles that others have written on topics that interest your audience and schedule them for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest? What if that system could also help you research popular hashtags, create highly-shareable image posts and included a wealth of info on how to build up your social media following?

What if that was FREE? Wouldn't that give your business a social media boost?

Great news — it is!

Get Your FREE Social Media Dashboard Here!

Pro Accounts (Free Trial!)

Whilst the free account is incredibly useful as-is, naturally it has some limits. When you're ready to take your social media campaigns to the next level, you can simply upgrade to a Pro account from within the Dashboard. That will get you more feeds, more image-posting options, better stats on your social engagement and a million royalty free stock images to add even more impact to your posts.

Just sign up for a free account to get a FREE TRIAL of all these Pro Social Media Marketing features.

Social Media Management Services

The more you use social media, the better it works — but posting content several times a day takes dedication. Wouldn't it be better to outsource the general article research and post scheduling needed to keep your feeds buzzing? Then you could devote more time to your work, posting your own news and engaging with customers.

Naturally, you'll want these posts to be written well, by a native English speaker who is familiar with your company, your business goals and social media marketing techniques. All of this can be provided through the social media Dashboard at the prices shown below — and as an added safeguard, you'll also get seven days to review the posts before they go live.

  • Any One Service

    £99.99 per month
  • Any Two Services

    £179.99 per month
  • All Three Services

    £259.99 per month
  • Twitter

    3–4 daily tweets
    3 weekly image tweets

  • Facebook

    2 daily posts
    3 weekly image posts

  • LinkedIn

    2 daily updates
    (Images n/a)

Just sign up for your free account and Contact Me when you're ready to take advantage of these fantastic content management services — or if you have any questions about them. — professional website design, Wales, UK.

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